The Appian AppMarket is a great place to showcase your low-code applications and get new users. As part of the AppianWORLD20 Hackathon, Appian has the right to add your app to the market to help get you exposure and usage. Don’t worry, the ownership of your application stays with you, the creator. For more information about the AppMarket, check out our AppMarket FAQs.

As you put together your submission materials, keep in mind the various assets Appian will use for you in the market. If you create the assets now for your Devpost submission, you’ll reduce work that’s needed later.

  • Screenshots - See guidelines below.
  • App icon - See guidelines below.
  • Applicable industries - Which industries are most likely to use your app.
  • Marketing video - This could be different from the demo video as it would have a marketing focus and ideally be 1-2 minutes long. *AppMarket videos are optional, Devpost submission videos are required*
  • Marketing collateral (optional) - This would include artifacts such as a datasheet, whitepaper, case study or brochure which can be uploaded to your submission form.