Hackathon Free Trial

If you don’t already have an Appian developer account, take these quick steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial


Step 2: Select the option Hands-On Learning or Building an Application


Step 3: Complete the form. Use your own name and email address if you are not signing up on behalf of a business and use the Instant Access Token: AW19HACKATHON

Note: please wait a few moments after submitting a free trial request. Your confirmation email may take some time or may appear in your spam folder. Please do not submit multiple requests.


Technical Resources

When you sign up for a free trial, it will contain links to a lot of great resources. In addition to those, you might find these resources helpful as well.


Appian Designer Documentation

Learn how to get the most of the Appian Designer space, where you build, manage, and deploy applications

  • Appian Designer Documentation- A curated resource in our product documentation that gives you topics specific to the Designer environment and creating applications.
  • Getting Started with Quick Apps - Want to accelerate the application development process? Why not use a quick app to quickly build the base of a record-centric application.

Create Beautiful UIs

Make you applications shine. Leverage some of the resources here to create beautiful, intuitive Interfaces.

  • Interfaces Documentation- A curated resource in our product documentation that gives you topics specific to building Appian Interfaces.
  • UX Design Guide - A collection of best practices and recommendations for creating attractive and usable interfaces
  • Interfaces Patterns- Why reinvent the wheel? There are a ton of out-of-the-box and pre-built UI patterns available.

Integrate with Other Services

Whether you are using Appian’s out-of-the-box integration capabilities or creating a custom service using our Software Development Kit, you will want to leverage these resources.

  • Integration Documentation- A curated resource in our product documentation that contains all reference and guidance material related to connected Appian to other services.
  • Integration SDK Documentation - Use our new SDK to create custom interface components or to create new connected systems for Appian to use.


  • Learn more about the AppMarket and how you can get your ideas in front of the world


Check out the full webinar here.

Appian 19.1 Release Notes!


Need help?

Connect via Slack

Join our competition Slack channel. You can use this channel to not only talk in real time with other participants (and maybe find a teammate), but also to ask questions of the competition managers. Just make sure to be respectful – we all have the same goal (building cool stuff).

Use the competition Participants page to connect

In our experience, it’s more fun to code with a friend. On the Participants tab, you can:

  • Look for teammates by introducing yourself to the community. Mention any ideas you have and what kind of teammates you’re looking for.
  • Sort participants by the number of projects and followers they have or by registration date.
  • Search participants by name, skills, and portfolio info.
  • Reach out to potential teammates and get to know each other.
  • Collaborate on something amazing!

Start a discussion

If you’d rather start a conversation about your ideas and get others to come to you, consider starting a thread on the Discussion Board. You don’t need to do a full reveal, but be sure to say enough about what you’d like to do / what you need to get potential teammates excited.