•   6 months ago

Is the final round offline? or is it a complete online hackathon

Submissions are being made online but in description it says that contestants have to demo their apps in person at AppianWORLD20. Is it compulsory to be present in AppianWORLD20 and demo to win a prize, say for example someone from outside of US wins a prize?


  • Manager   •   6 months ago

    Hey Abhijeet,

    The top 3 submissions will demo for the judges at AppianWORLD 2020. If you cannot travel, they will allow virtual demos. All are welcome!


  •   •   5 months ago

    I also thought the final in-person round was mandatory. It does seem like preference would be given to contestants who can be there in the final round.

  •   •   5 months ago

    So the demo video submitted to the hackathon would be used for judging instead of the in-person demo for those who can't attend? Is that the virtual demo?

  • Manager   •   5 months ago

    Hey Tina - They will either play the video or set you up with a video conference. This would depend on time zones and availability of the teams, I'm assuming.

    All the best,

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